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Steal our tech stack

Steal our tech stack
Jhana Ellard
February 4, 2024

Steal our company's essential tech stack for:

• Landing page design & development at scale

• Clean media, creative, & financial measurement• Extensive creative research & inspiration

• First-party data collection

→ Replo

Elegant, beautiful, & high-performing landing pages at scale.

We use Replo's direct Shopify integration to design, develop, and test offers, bundles, and promotions.

Replo allows our landing page strategy to move as quickly as our paid media testing.

→ Elevar

Every client we work with has to sign up for Elevar.

With it, we set up CAPI / server-side tracking for all of our media buying, analytics, and email marketing tools.

It dramatically decreases signal loss from our ad-platform attribution measurement.

Our brands on average see 15% increase in attributed conversion volume after installing Elevar.

→ Klar

The all-in-one business analytics, creative, and 3rd party attribution tool.We use Klar to understand our DTC brands’ financial situations down to every dollar and cent.

We can understand our paid acquisition efforts at the P&L level.

We use it to ensure profitability when media buying, and to help brands identify areas where they are losing points on their margins.

They also do creative reporting really well.

→ Foreplay

The best creative inspiration, spying, and briefing tool I've found on the internet.

We use this for competitor research, keeping tabs on our clients’s competitors, and copywriting inspiration.

It’s much easier to use than the Meta Ads library and it also tracks landing pages as well.

So we can provide insights to our clients that extend beyond the ad click.

→ Okendo

This tool helps us with two things:

Implementing post-purchase surveys to help inform attribution and tell brands where their customers are coming from.

Adding starred reviews for our products on our our Google Merchant Center feeds, helping us win more Shopping Ad auctions vs competing bidders.

All of these will provide outsized value for your eComm brand without breaking the bank.

• Replo

• Elevar

• Klar

• Foreplay

• Okendo

Questions about how to leverage this tech? Send us a message.

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