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Our audit of a publicly traded eComm brand

Our audit of a publicly traded eComm brand
Jhana Ellard
February 4, 2024

Our team just audited a publicly traded eComm brand’s paid program.

Here’s are SOME things they were doing wrong (I promise there were more).

Don’t make the same mistakes.

🚨 Not using Meta’s automatic advanced matching

Go to your Meta Biz Mgr

> Biz Settings

> Datasets

> Pixel

> Settings

> Scroll to Automatic Website Matching

> dropdown that says “customer information parameters”

> turn these on

An easy way to enrich your data & enhance attribution.

This leads to less signal loss in your ad measurement.

🚨 Not leveraging any customer data from Klaviyo

This brand had a ton of first-party buyer data, but wasn't leveraging it in their Meta Ads.

We had them link their Klaviyo & Meta accounts so they can send past purchaser data to Meta for better targeting & exclusions.

🚨 Spending on Traffic campaigns

The brand spent over $20,000 on non-incremental Traffic Campaigns in Meta that generated $0 of attributed revenue last month.

Their agency had left this campaign spending 50% of their daily Meta budget even though it didn’t show a single dollar of attributed rev.

That $20,000 could’ve easily been redirected to campaigns generating incremental new customer acquisition for the business.

🚨 Shopping Ad Delivery in PMax was under 1% of their PMax spend

We ran Mike Rhodes’ PMax script on their Ad account.

The brand spent $25,000 on PMax campaigns in the last month.

We wanted to see the breakdown by channel.

LESS than 1% was spent on Shopping Ads.

80% was spent on Search (likely branded as they didn’t have any brand exclusions)

The other 19% was spent on Display.

The brand had no idea, & thought they were investing heavily in Shopping.

Turns out they didn’t test Shopping at all.

A crippling waste of money that their prior agency didn’t care to look into.

🚨 WAY too many conversion actions in Google Ads

The brand’s Google Account was tracking 23 different conversions in their account.

8 of them were set as Primary - meaning they impact delivery & optimization.

7 of those weren’t tracking the core conversion goal for any DTC brand - a Purchase.

Leaving their ad delivery chasing all the wrong things.

Don’t make this mistake. It’s the top mistake we find in our account audits.

🚨 Over investment into Branded Search

We saw that in the last year, the brand spent $180,000 on Branded Search.

(not to mention the branded search spend from PMax)

65% of their entire Google Ad budget went to Branded Search.

We then researched their SERP.

0 competitors bidding on their terms, they owned the first 6 results organically, & no retailers are selling their products.

That’s $180,000 that could’ve been spent on new customer acquisition, landing page design, customer research, or anything else except for non-incremental brand dollars sent to Google.

I promise the issues didn’t stop there. But, LinkedIn posts can only be so long.

Don’t make the same mistakes.

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