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Our project with John & Hank Green selling Cancer Socks

Our project with John & Hank Green selling Cancer Socks
Jhana Ellard
February 27, 2024

How to sell +$1m of socks in under 30 days - for charity!

This holiday season, we partnered with GoodStore - an eCommerce project built by the Green Brothers Hank & John.

During chemotherapy, Hank designed his Cancer Socks to raise money to help people access cancer treatment.


We helped push this promo via Influencer Whitelisting, promoting their organic posts on TikTok, Meta, & Instagram across the web.

↳ The Green Brothers’ videos were seen by over 3 million people in 3.5 weeks from whitelisted ads.

Plus all of the organic traction.

And Good Store sold 50,000 Cancer Socks in under 30 days.

And the best part is, it’s all for charity! 🌎

Every $ of profit from this venture goes to Cancer research, access, & hospital construction in developing nations.

Additionally, TikTok subsidized a ton of the cost of delivery to maximize the amount of $ to charity.

↳ 30% of the sales came through social commerce “Shop” channels.

I’m talking about the TikTok, Meta, & IG Shops.

Where customers don’t need to leave the ad platform to checkout on your Shopify store.

Instead, they can buy directly on the social platform, via your Shop.

DTC Brands, if you don’t have a plan to integrate Social Commerce & Influencer Whitelisting into your 2024 growth plan, you’re going to leave untold amounts of $ on the table.

(they don’t need to be as big as Hank + John Green to be effective)

• Give your customers more ways to checkout. This helps customer experience, but it will also help you win more ad auctions.

• Even better, find ways to strategically weave together your big organic moments and your Whitelabel pushes during the year

• Finally, don’t forget to weave some genuine social good into your business goals for 2024.

This sh*t matters and it doesn’t have to come at the cost of a successful eCommerce venture in any way.

I’ll end this post by attaching a video from Hank on the initiative.

If you don’t have a strategy for influencer whitelisting in place, or need help setting up your shop, send us a message.

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