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Digital Advertising is a craft. A highly measurable, performance-based craft. We design our paid programs with this in mind.

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Do more of what you love.

Consider the ads strategy taken care of.

Implement tracking infastructure across your entire digital presence to better understand your audience and engage them with ads. Capture and activate your data.

  • Google Tag Manager
    Pixel Configuration
    Standard & Custom Event Tracking
    Data Feed Configuration
    Conversion & Attribution Tracking
    Analytics Dashboards

Engage your audience with sophisticated ad targeting strategies. Having run thousands of ads across all platforms, I can design your next ads strategy with a budget of any size.

  • PPC Ads
    Social Ads
    Shopping Ads
    Account Auditing
    Dynamic Remarketing
    Monthly Management

Looking to refine your digital strategy? Leverage our marketing toolbelt to increase return on investment for your business. Hire us to consult on your digital strategy.

  • Digital Strategy
    Paid Acquisition Tactics
    In-House Training
    One-on-One Consultations
    Ad Copywriting
    White-Labeled Digital Ads Strategy

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We've helped dozens of businesses find success through our proven strategies. Here are just a few of their stories.

Maria G. — Grazia Papilio

"Excellent work. Creative and professional. Great communication and always available with quick correspondence. Looking forward to working with Artifex again."

Maria G. — Grazia Papilio

"Excellent work. Creative and professional. Great communication and always available with quick correspondence. Looking forward to working with Artifex again."

Tamara A. — Invittle

"Fantastic communication! Very easy to work with all around. Communication is consistent, speedy, and clear. Very knowledgeable and they always take the time to explain everything and answer questions. Truly a rare find."

Melody L. — Mala The Brand

"Jhana has a creative and analytic personality and it shows in his approach to marketing. Within the first three months working with Artifex, my eCommerce store's revenue has increased by 106% and order volume by 178%!"

Thompson C. — Free Time Hobbies

"I've worked with Artifex Digital team who actually do what they say. Thoroughly."

Alan S. — Grant Me

"Artifex has a great understanding of how the entire social advertising ecosystem fits together."

Dylan S. — Dylan Street Cinema

"They nailed down the science of getting clients to understand the pipeline of marketing."

Jennifer C. — FAIR Jewelry

"I can tell Artifex genuinely cares for their clients and want the best for them."

Kaye D. — Vesper 247

"Artifex gave us the tools to seriously scale up our paid acquisition efforts. Because of our work, we were able to seriously improve the efficiency of our ads. Since starting, the overall conversion rate of our ad account has increased by 9.5%, we’ve increased our search market share by 10%, and ads-attributed revenue has increased by 1,190%!"

Brian D. — Axius Core

"Artifex helped us measure key business KPIs to a much higher degree of accuracy. The efficacy of our paid program will improve significantly now because of it. We were able to track conversions on Facebook Ads across our website, a number of different landing pages, as well as within our custom form tool."

I left my full-time job because I was so utterly confident that I'd be able to provide a more customer-centric, effective, analytical, agile, and cost-effective digital ads service than any other marketing agency or freelancer.

That's a bold claim.

I'm working to prove it every single day.


Jhana Ellard

founder, artifex digital
A note from the founder

I’m an independent performance marketer providing an agile and growth-focused solution to companies looking to scale their brand online.

My career is built upon taking the middle path between data analysis and creative decision making.

Working in performance marketing strikes that balance perfectly. I can dive deeply into a website’s analytics while also consulting on creative strategy, all to chase that oh-so-valuable conversion.

Over time, I knew that Artifex needed to grow larger than just myself. I've spent countless hours, dollars, and resources to source & vet the best ad talent I could possibly find across North America.

I've now surrounded myself with a team of incredibly talented advertisers who I trust to manage & scale ad programs better than I can.

I'm thrilled to introduce the team below.

Jhana Ellard

founder, artifex digital

Daniel Kozlowski

Partner, artifex digital

Camila Kwong

Strategist, artifex digital

Justin Reed

Strategist, artifex digital

Mark Sherr

Strategist, artifex digital

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