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Doubling BBQ Giant Gozney’s ad program in 10 months

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We've worked with Gozney for over two years now. This is the story of how we supercharged their business in our first 10 months of working together.

Gross Revenue
Ad Spend
One of our major business-wide yearly objectives for 2021 was to "become world-class at performance marketing" here at Gozney. We brought in Jhana & Artifex to accomplish this.
Large agencies had failed us in the past and Jhana's team was the perfect balance of advertising mastery paired with a high-touch service that you simply cannot get elsewhere.
10 months into the engagement and it's safe to say that we now have a world-class ad program.
We're in an entirely different league than where we were a year ago. It's also more than doubled in size. It's no doubt that the team at Artifex has an extreme level of mastery running large-scale paid media budgets for eCommerce brands.

Jonathan Kantor - Chief Marketing Officer

About the client

Backed by the praise of chefs, designers, and customers alike, Gozney provides people with the opportunity to have an authentic, fire powered pizza oven experience at home or on the go.


Starting up in 2010 selling commercial pizza ovens, Tom Gozney was motivated to bring the same elegant designs and fine tuned engineering into people's homes.

In 2016, Gozney released the Roccbox, a portable oven boasting the same features as the commercial oven in a shrunk package. This was followed by the Gozney Dome released in 2021 to critical acclaim.

At the end of 2021, Gozney approached Artifex to manage their paid program as they transitioned away from their previous agency.

Gozney chose Artifex because of our:

  • Prior track record scaling DTC ad programs for brands with 6-7 figure budgets
  • Involvement in the creative ideation, briefing, & testing process
  • Obsessive attention detail around data cleanliness, measurement, and reporting
  • Ability to segment & consolidate country-level data as needed since Gozney has five different Shopify stores across five different countries
  • Experience beyond only working on Facebook & Google, allowing Gozney to run ads on new platforms including TikTok, Microsoft Ads, and YouTube
  • Expertise in looking past ad platform metrics to provide business level insights such as cross platform attribution info, blended acquisition costs, marketing efficiency ratios, and more

Seven months later

To look at Ad performance since we've taken over, we'll compare the period of time from when Artifex took over (February 1st - September 14th, 2022) with two different comparison windows. We'll be comparing stats with:

A) The immediately preceding seven months from before we took over ads. (June 20th - January 31st)

B) The same seven months of the year in 2021 (February 1st - September 14th, 2021)

Both of these measurement periods provide their own unique insights into what we've accomplished with Gozney so far.

Starting with Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Data, which looks at overall business transaction data.

A) Our first seven months of engagement vs the prior seven months


  • Overall business revenue increased by 260%
  • The number of purchases attributed to marketing campaigns increased by 130%
  • Blended cost increased by 78%
Our first seven months of engagement vs the same time period the year before


  • Overall business revenue increased by 100%
  • The number of purchases attributed to marketing campaigns increased by 156%
  • Blended cost increased by 78%


Gozney's business grew significantly over the last seven months, that's clear as day. However, what's most significant is the massive increase in the number of sales that were attributed to marketing efforts. Which speaks to our increased ads efficiency & scale.

Next, let's take a look at some platform specific metrics.


Though we can't show any RAW numbers due to privacy, below is a chart looking at Facebook Attributed Data. We're measuring the percentage in these change across time. Again, we've segmented it by the same two comparison windows.

We're using Facebook's standard attribution model of 7-day click and 1 day view.

*Comparison period B) is on the left. A) is on the right.


In addition to scaling ad budgets and increasing performance, we worked on a number of different initiatives within Gozney's Facebook account to improve data cleanliness, attribution tracking, and creative. Additionally, we pivoted the ad program away from focusing only on direct response campaign types to a more full-funnel approach.

  • We standardized naming conventions & UTMs across the board to help with querying data and gathering audience, campaign type, and creative level insights.
  • We moved to a system of creative briefing & testing which allowed us to request new ad creatives en masse from Gozney's creative team. This simplified Gozney's internal processes, thus we were able to request, create, and test far more creatives in our ad program. Not to mention, the creatives looked far better as well (see below).
  • And, as mentioned, we away from simple product shot + simple sales prop ads to new, crisp direct response ads running alongside ads focused on recipes, blog content, unboxings, lifestyle videos, and more. All in the spirit of diversifying what Facebook Ads actually does for Gozney's business.
Old ad creative (left) compared with new video & static ads on the right.

Google & YouTube

Google Ads performance compared across the two reporting comparison periods

Google Ads performance compared across the two reporting comparison periods


The previous agency for Gozney was ostensibly using Google Ads for only Branded Search. Our mandate was to move Google Ads towards a full funnel advertising machine targeting all parts of the marketing funnel. Within the account we currently have:

  • Branded Search
  • Traditional Non-Branded Search
  • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Display & Discovery Ads
  • Performance Max Campaigns
  • YouTube Ads

This has moved Google Ads from a peripheral ad platform previously to a central part of Gozney's acquisition strategy. The stats above show it. Below are a number of other major initiatives we've launched & refined throughout the year.

  • Significantly improved the copywriting on the search ads as well as adding many new ad extensions such as callouts, structured snippets, price extensions, promotion extensions, image extensions, and more
  • Turned Google Ads into Gozney's most powerful tool for new customer acquisition by launching and scaling Performance Max campaigns across five different countries
  • Again, we standardized naming conventions to help with querying data within Google, but also across platforms
  • Leveraged value-based customer lists of part purchasers from Shopify to seriously improve audience targeting
  • Completely reworked Gozney's Google Merchant Center account by migrating our data feeds to Google Sheets. This allows us to run tests at the product feed level, maximizing performance on the Shopping portion of our Performance Max campaigns
  • Started Gozney's YouTube advertising efforts across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.
Examples of Google Search Ads on desktop and mobile
Examples of static and video based YouTube Ads

Creative Briefing

We maintained a system of refreshing ad creative approximately every ten days. To do this, we had to streamline the creative briefing process to minimize turnaround time.

As mentioned earlier, Artifex introduced a new ad creative briefing & request process for Gozney. This allows us to put in requests to Gozney's internal design team and have them turn around creatives for us much faster.

Using our experience in the ad creation process, we're able to make sure Gozney leverages all of the standard eCommerce ad types in their ad program.

An example of the creative brief

Creative Briefing

Zapier Flow Integrations between Shopify, Klaviyo, & the Ad Platforms:

We introduced Zapier to help pass data between different business sources including Shopify, Klaviyo, and the ad platforms. This allowed, for example, our customer list audiences we use for targeting in Google/Facebook Ads to auto-sync each time that a new purchase occurs in Shopify. Additionally, we use Zapier to automate the passing of emails captured from lead gen campaigns directly into custom Klaviyo lists for email marketing.

Rolled out a new third party attribution platform (Rockerbox) across all five Shopify stores to better track attribution across all channels. We are also able to measure things such as the proportion of overall purchasers who interacted with an ad from our paid program, where those touchpoints were in the funnel, and how many other users take the same path towards their purchase conversion.

We shifted Gozney's advertising reporting towards a more blended model and away from only looking at attributed, pixel-based stats. Instead, we're able to look at more robust business-level metrics to gague performance such as Marketing Efficiency Ratio, True Customer Acquisition Costs, Lifetime Value, etc.

Rockerbox Report tracking blended stats across platforms

In conclusion

It's no doubt that we've been able to do a lot this year working alongside Gozney. Their ad program is maintains incredibly strong results and is being scaled by the day.

Additionally, we're able to leverage ad data to provide business-level insights to Gozney that they can use across other channels.

We've poured our best work into this project and we think it shows. Their ad program has doubled in size, performance has skyrocketed, their marketing processes and reporting have improved, and there's no sign of stopping.

We hope to make just as many gains in the next seven months as the first.


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