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Social Ads

Media buying meets consumer psychology. This is Artifex’s bread and butter. We’ve managed media programs for some of the largest DTC brands in Europe & North America. When beautiful ad design meets effective ad account structures, the results can be astounding. We mix ad design, creative strategy, media buying, ad measurement, and constant iteration to grow your brand.

Meta Ads

TikTok Ads

Creative Strategy

Design & Video Editing


DTC Brands can grow beyond social ads. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft provide powerful tools to scale brands as well. We’ll make sure that you’re leveraging all of the best practices for PPC advertising. Our service is designed specifically for eComm brands, meaning your product listing data is clean, enriched, and effectively used to scale.

Google Ads

Microsoft Ads

Amazon Ads

Data Feed Enrichment


Landing Page Design

Unlock our 7-figure DTC landing page process. Customer Research - Wireframing - Copywriting - Design - Develop - Launch - Measure - Iterate - Rinse & Repeat. We offer bespoke Landing Page design & development for all of our Shopify brands. Available to partners on our growth marketing retainer and as a one-off service.

Custom Design


Monthly Subscriptions

Financial Reporting

We’ll make sure every dollar you spend on media generates incremental contribution dollars for your brand. We go far out of our way to make sure that we’re bridging the gap between ad platform results and financial outcomes. Know your actual acquisition costs, MER targets, and how much money your ad program actually generates every month.

P&L Level Reporting

CAC/LTV Measurement

First Order Profitability


Know something isn’t working but not sure what it is? Send us an email. We’ll run through your entire DTC presence from ad design, website experience, tracking tools, finances, ad platform strategies, and more to triage and find where your problems are. Then, we’ll tell you how to solve them.

Media Buying


Creative Strategy


This is Growth Marketing.

It starts with...
Extensive customer research & understanding
That leads to...
Creative that drives revenue
Supported by...
Effective paid media infrastructure
Sending traffic to...
Bespoke, performance-focused landing pages
Measured with...
Accurate conversion tracking
Scaled with...
Creative performance feedback loops
Meaningful media measurement beyond ROAS
With a focus on...
Extensive DTC-centric financial reporting
Centered around...
Contribution margin, first order profitability, MER, & more
Delivered by
A small and selective team focused on world-class customer experience
Who come with...
Creative & financial backgrounds in the DTC industry
And who...
Work fast & efficiently
love eCommerce
Actually give a shit

Our tech stack.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

We hired Artifex to manage the ads strategy & execution for a number of our e-commerce clients who we’re looking to scale their business rapidly. I really enjoyed the way that the Artifex team was able to integrate into our internal company’s systems & processes.

Jane Lee
Co-Founder, LaunchPop

Artifex has a great understanding of how the entire social advertising ecosystem fits together. They understand both digital ad execution and how to set up a robust tracking and attribution system to track performance as well.

Alan Shoucair
Director, Grant Me

I've worked with Artifex Digital team who actually do what they say. Thoroughly.

Thompson Clark
Owner, Free Time Hobbies

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