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Growing LilyAna Naturals DTC revenue with Google Ads

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We helped LilyAna, the Amazon skincare giant, massively grow their Shopify presence through rapid growth of their Google Ads account - helping them take a larger margin on every unit compared to their Amazon sales.

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Lilyana Naturals is one of the largest & cleanest skincare brands in North America & Australia. Their products are American-made, vegan, & cruelty-free.

Retta, the co-founder approached us because they were looking to scale their D2C presence on their Shopify store as they diversified away from being an Amazon-only brand. Within the first six months of advertising on Google & Microsoft Ads, we increased their attributed revenue by 70%.


Lilyana Naturals was already a massive online skincare brand before approaching Artifex. That being said, they had been dedicating a ton of resources towards diversifying & growing their Shopify store.

Lilyana had worked with a large marketing & advertising agency and was seeing mixed results. They decided to pivot towards hiring “platform specialists” to manage their individual ad channels.

They needed to bring in people who were experts on particular platforms. Artifex was hired to run Google & Bing.

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The Strategy

Lilyana Naturals was already spending on Google & Bing before Artifex took over since they were working with a different agency prior to us. This meant that we had to gradually migrate over to our revamped strategy instead of launching from scratch.

The ad program in place was “decent” but perhaps a little antiquated. The previous agency was over-indexed on branded search campaigns & wasn't using Google Ads to cater to any other part of the marketing funnel.

Over time, we were able to introduce a swath of new Shopping, Discovery, YouTube, & Display campaigns into the account. We leveraged Google's machine learning in these campaign types and moved away from a lot of the manual bidding processes used before.

Because of these changes, we were able to see the following:

  • Google Ads was able to target the top, middle, and bottom of the purchase funnel
  • The Ad program was more than just Branded Search
  • Shopping & Display ads were able to acquire new customers for Lilyana, as opposed to just those who already knew the brand
  • Performance increased
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The Results

Lilyana was already a massive online brand with a ton of past success. We were able to help grow their Google Ads program & also increase its efficiency as well. Their ROAS increased by 11%, and purchase volume increased by 41% during the first six months of the engagement.

The Lilyana project is a great example of why working with large agencies isn't always the best move for large businesses. By hiring a more boutique & specialized service, Lilyana was able to receive more facetime with strategists, communication, and increased ad performance.


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