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Customize your unboxing experience

Customize your unboxing experience
Jhana Ellard
February 4, 2024

DTC Brands - take notes!

Want to stand out amongst the crowd, increase customer LTV, & acquire new customers organically?

Then think of more ways to customize your unboxing experience.

My P&Co order arrived yesterday & in it was a fully customized newspaper.

This is completely on-brand for these guys.

It has lifestyle shots, product shots, behind-the-scenes info, & more.

A little touch like this only increases my likelihood of ordering from them again.

It's also something I fully plan to leave on my coffee table for the next little while.

Something that my friends will sift through when they're over at my place, discover the brand, & maybe even buy from them as well.

& guess what?

That second order I eventually put in & the order from my friend who saw the paper.

That's revenue generated without a single dollar spent on Meta or Google.

The newspaper probably costs them $1 to produce.

But the value for them in terms of brand perception, cLTV increases & new customer acquisition is massive.

A small hit to the unit economics, but a big boost to topline revenue.

All because of a little personalization & creativity.

So, tell us, how do you customize your unboxing & is it cooler than this?

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