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Our 3 Most Profitable Ads in 2023

Our 3 Most Profitable Ads in 2023
Jhana Ellard
February 4, 2024

Here are the 3 most profitable evergreen ads we ran last year and why they worked.

In 2023 our clients’ ad programs combined for over $50 million in ad revenue.

The biggest year on the books for Artifex.

→ Gozney: Dome Product USPs

• This ad has striking visuals, a gripping headline, and is packed with info about customers’ favorite features.

• Gozney’s ovens speak to cooking enthusiasts who know their stuff. This ad reflects that.

• It manages to highlight what the customers value, without being cluttered.

• It ran for over 8 months without performance dipping. A perfect evergreen ad.

→ Good Store - The Ethically Sourced Intern

• It’s no surprise that John Green’s videos offer a masterclass on organic messaging.

• When coupled with effective whitelisting that keeps the ad looking organic, you win a ton of ad auctions.

• These whitelist ads helped Good Store generate $3.5 million dollars for charity this past holiday season.→ Ocean & San - Less Aero More Coffee• The copywriting here lends itself to a sense of intrigue.

• The ad’s imagery matches Ocean’s target market, casual but dedicated riders.

• It also associates something that most drink every day, coffee, with Ocean's hero product, The All Day Shirt.

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