Why Artifex? Rebranding From Jhana Ellard Digital to Artifex Digital

February 1, 2021
Jhana Ellard

This post explains why, after almost two years of freelancing, I'm changing the name of my business from Jhana Ellard Digital to Artifex Digital.

I'm semi-rebranding my freelancing business

It's been a long time coming. I've been operating under Jhana Ellard Digital for the two years of my freelancing career.

I felt strongly about associating my name with my business, because I wanted to show my clients that they could hire a personalized, professional, advertising craftsman to launch and scale their paid programs online.

My freelance service is (and always will be) based on providing a completely custom-catered solution to every single client that signs a deal with me.

That being said, there are two reasons why I'm changing the name of my business. Both are incredibly exciting.

1. Business is growing, and it is no longer just me at the helm

Over the last two years, I've had the privilege of being able to take on larger and larger projects. Because of that, I've had to leverage the skillset of other talented freelancers. (Web Designers, copywriters, data analysts, blog writers, and more.)

I take pride in my ability to facilitate a "networked" approach to providing a larger scope of services to clients. I can tap into my network of highly-skilled freelance professionals and refer them to my larger clients for additional work.

Beyond that, I've expanded in the advertising realm as well. Larger advertising projects demand the highest quality of work.

In order to ensure the highest quality of service to my largest clients, I've teamed up with my friend Daniel Kozlowski, who is truly one of the brightest minds I've ever encountered in the performance marketing realm.

Dan has successfully managed and scaled massive paid programs for the likes of Bench Accounting, VisualCV, and Thinkific.

I've yet to find someone with a more impressive resume. It's been an absolute pleasure to work alongside him over the past year. You can read about some of our work on the San Francisco-based FinTech Startup Deel here.

Though Dan and I are in the exact same industry, we have very complementary skillsets. I dive deeply into some of the more technical/analytic sides of the advertising world, while Dan is a creative mastermind able to write killer ad copy, or design incredible landing pages optimized for conversion.

The effect of working with Dan has been incredible. It's a "1+1=3" effect. Because of that, I'm so happy to officially partner with him on Artifex Digital

The next time you approach me with an ads project, you can be confident that you'll be tapping into two highly experienced advertising minds instead of one. This is something that benefits every single one of my clients.

2. "Artifex" Better Reflects the Philosophy of What I'm Trying to Create

But what does Artifex even mean?

A great question. Artifex is a latin word meaning "Master of Craft"

Though immaterial, I consider myself a digital craftsman who designs advertising programs for companies. I want Artifex to become a network of advertisers practicing their craft under the Artifex umbrella.

Only those who've achieved a high level of expertise are able to provide services through Artifex—meaning that when companies hire Artifex, they know they're working with the best.

Artifex is the name of my Dad's company. My father is a professional "Coppersmith" who has been producing "Art in Architecture" for over 25 years.

My Dad is a true master of this fine metal, and working with him for seven years of my life taught me what it means to become an expert in a highly specialized field.

Paying homage to my Dad and his business has been a personal goal of mine for a long time. Being able to operate under the same name as the man who turned me into the professional I am today is a true honour.

And so, from this day forward, Artifex Digital is the new norm.

Artifex is an advertising service founded on the same founding principles as Jhana Ellard Digital, only now it's bigger, more impactful, and capable of taking on even larger projects.

I can't wait to see what the future holds.