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Why Artifex?

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Ad Platforms Launched

While working at Tradable Bits, I managed the execution of Texas' JMBLYA Music Festival. Three days, three different cities. We took a multi-channel approach to maximizing overall ticket sales for the client, while also ensuring the highest possible return on ad spend. I worked closely with the Scoremore team on digital strategy, optimization, and execution.

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Festivals Launched

Through my work at Tradable Bits, I had the pleasure of working with Front Gate Tickets to help them launch digital ads for a number of different music festivals across the United States. I was able to leverage the Facebook and Google Ad platforms to maximize attributed sales value from our digital ads.

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Tracking Platforms Implemented

Before launching their paid acquisition campaigns, the SoxPlay team wanted to ensure they had their entire web tracking infrastructure in place. I was able to implement all of the major platform's tracking tools onto SoxPlay's website to ensure data cleanliness. SoxPlays data structure for all performance marketing efforts was precise from day one.

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Digital Advertising is a craft. A highly measurable, performance-based craft. We design our paid programs with this in mind.

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Do more of what you love. Consider the ads strategy taken care of.


Implement tracking infastructure across your entire digital presence to better understand your audience and engage them with ads. Capture and activate your data.

  • Google Tag Manager
    Pixel Configuration
    Standard & Custom Event Tracking
    Data Feed Configuration
    Conversion & Attribution Tracking
    Analytics Dashboards

Engage your audience with sophisticated ad targeting strategies. Having run thousands of ads across all platforms, I can design your next ads strategy with a budget of any size

  • PPC Ads
    Social Ads
    Shopping Ads
    Account Auditing
    Dynamic Remarketing
    Monthly Management

Looking to refine your digital strategy? Leverage my marketing toolbelt to increase return on investment for your business. Hire me to consult or teach you what I know.

  • Digital Strategy
    Paid Acquisition Tactics
    In-House Training
    One-on-One Consultations
    Ad Copywriting
    White-Labeled Digital Ads Strategy

We've worked with daily budgets at:

5 dollars, or 5000
We design a custom strategy based on your budget & KPIs.
But don't take it from us:

We have worked with probably two dozen “freelancers” since starting HC and Jhana has by far been the best from a price, speed, knowledge, kindness, and value standpoint. Unlike other freelancers, Jhana came back with questions, recommendations, and reported on the broader implications of the work he did.

Max B. | Hell's Creative

Fantastic communication! Very easy to work with all around. Communication is consistent, speedy and clear. Very knowledgeable and always takes the time to explain everything and answer questions. Truly a rare find.

Tamara A. | Invittle

I contacted Jhana for a bit of Pinterest help, but found that he is a goldmine of knowledge with all of the marketing platforms. If you are looking for a pro, then he is your guy. Cheers!!

Chad M. | Kapital Advisers

Jhana goes above and beyond by answering question and explaining everything thoroughly. Delivered way earlier than promised and would definitely recommend and will use again.

Krystal B. | Paisley Tiger

Jhana has been a lifesaver. He has gone above and beyond our expectations. He has helped us get our ads up and running on 3 platforms. Most definitely will be recommend Jhana to my entrepreneur friends!

Jazmin G. | Sacred Living

Excellent work. Creative and professional. Great communication and always available with quick correspondence. Looking forward to working with Jhana again.

Maria G. | Grazia Papilio

Definitely an Expert: great communication, answered all my questions, very responsive and was helpful as well. I highly recommend to buy a gig from him!

Daniele V. | SoxPlay

One of the best experiences I've had! The communication is top notch. Thanks so much! Excited to work with you again.

Jessica B. | J Brooks Boutique

I left my full-time job because I was so utterly confident that I'd be able to provide a more customer-centric, effective, analytical, agile, and cost-effective digital ads service than any other marketing agency or freelancer.

That's a bold claim.

I'm working to prove it every single day.


I’m an independent performance marketer providing an agile and growth-focused solution to companies looking to scale their brand online.

My career is built upon taking the middle path between data analysis and creative decision making.

Working in performance marketing strikes that balance perfectly. I can dive deeply into a website’s analytics while also consult on creative strategy, all to chase that oh-so-valuable conversion.

I’ve spent a large portion of my waking hours mastering every major digital ad platform you can imagine.

On top of that, my academic background is focused on the intersection between technology and society, and the implications of such a marriage.

I’m someone who has approached and studied the online world from both a professional and academic context. When you combine a theoretical approach to online media with the professional skillset of an expert, the results can be astounding.

I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I’m using that knowledge to help companies get the highest returns on every single dollar they spend.

Master of Craft

Tracking / Google Analytics / Google Ads / Facebook / Pinterest / Snapchat / LinkedIn / Media Buying / PPC Ads / Social Ads / Shopping Ads / Account Auditing / Dynamic Remarketing / Monthly Management / Consultancy / Digital Strategy / Paid Acquisition / In-House Training / One-on-One Consultations / Shopify SEO / Ad Copywriting

Jhana Ellard: Founder
Daniel Kozlowski: Partner