Get a Financial Audit of your DTC Acquisition Efforts

Understand the true profitability of your ad program

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Paid media agencies are not doing enough to measure their impact on your business

Media buyers are not doing enough to bridge the gap between the metrics they use to report, and real business outcomes.


We Will Run A Financial Evaluation Of Your Paid Acquisition Program


12 Months Look Back Profitability Analysis

We'll work with you to build a comprehensive profitability report that encompasses your entire investment into acquisition, as well as the costs involved in delivering your product to the customer.


Customer Lifetime Value + CAC: LTV Report

Understand the true value of a customer to your business. Then, determine your LTV:CAC ratio, which is what investors look at to determine healthy eCommerce brands.


SKU-Specific Economic Breakdowns

We’ll dive into your top 3-5 SKUs, identify each product’s Gross Margin, then work from there to come up with individual CAC targets which you can use for your media buying.


Account Benchmarking

Know how you’re tracking vs industry standards. Get benchmarked against DTC brands of similar size & industry.


Optional Paid Media Channel Audit

We’ll also audit your current paid media program across platforms if you wanted. This will help connect the dots betweenour other reports and your actual media buying.

Take the full eCommerce reality into account


Is your agency even making you money?

Most agencies don't even have the methodology to answer that question. We can answer it for you.


Report only on channel metrics like CPA & ROAS

Rely only on cookie-based stats for reporting.

Don't take into account your business's unit economics and other business realities


Reports on business-level metrics such as Contribution Margin, First Order Profitability, and LTV:CAC ratio

Ties your digital ad channel metrics to business finances

Includes real business costs into media investment models

The State Of Your Paid Acquisition, Condensed Into A Single Report

Stop guessing! Our financial evaluation of your paid media program will tell you if your current ads agency is making you money or not.


“This audit not only helped us comprehensively understand the current state of our DTC acquisition, but also included tools that we're able to use moving forward for our brand’s growth. Artifex is clearly able to combine their paid media expertise & financial knowledge into a singular report stuffed with value.”

Jake Durrant
Co-Founder, Ocean & San


Who is this audit for?

This audit is ideal for DTC brands who have been around for at least six months and have spent money on digital advertising. If you already have an in-house team doing finance for your brand, this would not be for you. If you are a brand new DTC brand who has never run a digital ad, this would not be for you. If you are an enterprise DTC brand and have 30m+ of annual revenue, this would not be for you.

How long will it take to receive my audit?

We promise to deliver your audit within 30 days of account access & payment. Very often, we deliver in far less time. We build all these reports from the ground up. So, we appreciate you giving us the time to be thorough.

What if my business is brand new?

If you are a brand new DTC brand who has never run a digital ad, this would not be for you.

What if I haven’t spent money on digital ads?

If you are a DTC brand that has been around for 6+ months, but has never spent money on digital ads, this could still be a good fit. Fill out the form & get in touch with us. We can potentially conduct an audit for you at a discounted rate and exclude reports that pertain to digital advertising.

How does the process kickoff?

Once you express interest through the website form, we’ll show you the report on a call with our founder. If you’re eligible, we can start immediately. We then turn the reports around in 30 days.

I don’t have a background in data & finance, is this still useful?

Absolutely! We’ve designed this report specifically for those without a background in these fields. We’re trying to make complex acquisition data and eCommerce finance digestible to DTC brands & founders.

Can you audit our advertising accounts as well?

We can absolutely do this if it’s a good fit. If you’re interested in this, bring it up during your onboarding.

What format is the report?

Our report is built in Notion. Notion is the ideal way to receive this report. If you don’t use Notion, we can send a PDF too, but you’ll miss out on some cool functionality.


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