Tradable Bits Launches & Scales Paid Ads For North America's Largest Entertainment Companies


Months Serving Tradable Bits


Music Festivals, Sports Teams, & Entertainment Brands' Ads Launched


Average ROAS for clients

"Jhana is by far one of the brightest minds I have had the pleasure of working with in the marketing world. During my time working with Jhana, he was not only a great team player, but an excellent teacher and leader. His ability to problem-solve on the fly made him a tremendous asset to our team. I would highly recommend Jhana to anyone who is looking for someone to make an immediate impact on their business"

— Andrew Pilcher. Account Manager


Tradable Bits is a fan-based marketing platform that allows enterprise entertainment and sports brands to build better experiences for their fans. They offer a suite of marketing apps that help engage potential customers in every aspect of the buyer funnel. 

I worked for Tradable Bits full time as a Digital Advertising Specialist for 18 months and had the incredible opportunity to be on the three person ads team responsible for the digital ads strategy, planning, and execution for some of North America's largest entertainment brands. 


Tradable Bits serves an extremely sophisticated and high-end customer base. They needed people who could produce continuous results under pressure, time and time again. The three person ads team was responsible for over 45 properties digital media buying over the course of each calendar year. The margin for error was extremely slim, and the need for incredible returns on investment was a constant. 

Before I joined, Tradable Bits was primarily a Facebook ads provider to their clients. I was brought in to aid in the Facebook ad strategy, but was also there to help bring a more multi-platform ads approach to the organization. I was able to spearhead the companies digital ad strategies on a number of additional ad platforms, primarily Google Ads. 

The Execution

Over the course of a year and a half, I was able to:

  • Generate tens of millions of dollars of ads-attributed sales value for the largest sports and entertainment brands in North America, including Live Nation Entertainment, Superfly Entertainment, and the Pittsburgh Penguins. 
  • Grow Tradable Bits Google client count from 0 to 41 music festivals and over $400,000 in Digital Ad Spend. While also work with over 3 million dollars in Facebook Ad Spend.
  • Give a 30-minute talk and workshop at the Tradable Bits Fan Marketing Conference on the Future of Fan-Based Marketing on Google to 65 managers & industry execs from Spotify, the entertainment industry, and professional sports teams.
  • Work with the Google Channel Sales team to facilitate Tradable Bits' API integration with the Google Ads platform
  • Working with the Tradable Bits development team to build out our new "Automated Ads tool"
  • Coordinating with the Tradable Bits UI/UX team to build out Google Ads audience building, ads reporting, and ads planning interfaces on our platform

The Results

I was able to grow and accelerate my marketing career through my time at Tradable Bits. Tradable Bits took my ads game to the next level. Working in a high-performance environment, coupled with the ability to work with six-figure digital ad budgets, I have spent millions of dollars on all of the major digital ad platforms and have mastered many paid acquisition strategies. I'm now using my expertise to serve my freelance clients. 

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