Midwest Grow Co Doubles eComm Revenue with Digital Ads


Increase In Online Store Revenue


Increase in Online Storefront Traffic


Increase in Sales Attributed to Marketing

"Jhana made a concerted effort to understand our market, industry, profit margins, customer personas, and more. After a few strategy calls he quickly scaled up our online order volume to levels we’d never experienced before. We can't wait to keep growing in this market with Jhana's help!"

Aaron Haas


Midwest Grow Co. is Aaron Haas' Kentucky-based industrial agricultural shop serving the entire midwest with their crop growing needs.

In a rapidly expanding agricultural community, their team of professionals has over sixty years of hands-on experience and education in the growing industry.

Aaron had a ton of success in his brick and mortar store and wanted to scale up his online presence using digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. After three months of working together, we've been able to increase Midwest Grow Co's online revenue by 105%, more than doubling their previous results. 

Revamped Midwest Grow Co. Homepage


Midwest Grow Co. had been in business for years, but they were really looking to expand their market reach and grow significantly in the eCommerce space. The team had some prior sales data, but many of our advertising efforts had to be built from the ground up. 

The biggest challenge came to tackling Midwest Grow Co's massive product catalog. With 1200 different product SKUs, we had to approach the product catalog with care as not every product ought to be advertised equally. 

Aaron's team was also looking to gather and build a more robust online data infrastructure, as their sponsorships, and enterprise partners were always looking for details on Midwest's online ecosystem.

With a huge product catalog and a need for real-time metrics, organization and data cleanliness were paramount.

The Strategy

Before running any ads, I built a Google Data Studio Dashboard to centralize all of Midwest Grow Co's eCommerce efforts. We were able to build a dashboard that could speak to the internal stakeholders, giving them high level performance information, while also being useful for potential partners and sponsors. This centralized data hub became the primary source for eCommerce information.

From there, we moved to optimizing the product catalog. By using Google Merchant Center and Facebook Catalog Manager, we were able to revamp the product catalog, optimize product descriptions, pricing, titles, and more. 

When building campaigns, we had to take the large catalog into account. We began with Google Search campaigns focused on the top selling product categories such as advanced nutrients and aeroponic cloners. By segmenting campaigns by product category, we were able to achieve a high level of specificity with our keyword segmentation. 

Example Google Search Ad

Afterwards, we built Shopping campaigns that were focused on advertising a larger portion of the product catalog. Shopping ads are a must for any eCommerce store and this has proved to be our most effective channel. 

We then leaned heavily on Facebook ads for our remarketing efforts. Using different catalog sales and remarketing campaigns to encourage people to complete their purchase after abandoning. We also used some highly produced video creative for some prospecting efforts as well.

Facebook prospecting video targeting purchaser look-a-like audience

In addition to the above we executed on the following:

• Completely redesigned the front end of the website to optimize the shopping experience for a large product catalog.

• Built email automations for cart abandonment, and a newsletter welcome series

• Launched a customer review solicitation program to help with brand authority, which has gathered over 100+ positive reviews to date. 

The Results

Within the first three months of advertising, order volume increased by 150%, online store sessions increased by 234%, and revenue increased by 105%. We've been able to scale the digital ad spend by 25% month over month since we began working together. 

Google Analytics eCommerce Overview

Though we've seen early success with Midwest Grow Co, the sky is endless. With a massive product catalog and the horticulture industry rapidly growing in the United States, Midwest Grow Co is positioning themselves to become an industry powerhouse in this space. It's been an absolute pleasure to help Aaron and his team grow.

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