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"Jhana has a creative and analytic personality and it shows in his approach to marketing. He's able to understand Mala's brand and use Artifex's digital advertising toolbelt to directly impact my business KPIs."
— Melody Lim. Founder


Mala The Brand is Melody Lim's Vancouver-based handmade and eco-friendly soy candle company. Melody's candles have been featured in Allure Magazine, Chatelaine, Montecristo, & more. Melody is also the winner of the ninth annual Coast Capital Venture Prize awarded to those recognized for their entrepreneurial excellence.

Melody approached Artifex because she wanted to scale her brand with paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. Within the first three months of ads, we were able to increase her eCommerce transaction volume by 178%.


Melody had already done a fantastic job cultivating an impressive brand and online presence. Due to the care she put into each product and her incredible brand marketing toolbelt, Mala the Brand reached incredible heights without paid ads.

The challenge came in taking Mala to the next level. We worked extensively up front to determine sub-personas for ad targeting that stemmed from her overall persona. Identifying specific and unique messaging catered to these different sub-personas led to a highly sophisticated and well thought out targeting strategy.

Melody was also looking to take a more data-driven approach to her eCommerce offering. Melody wanted to leverage all of the most sophisticated web tracking tools available to her, and needed someone who knew how to implement them.

The Strategy

Before running any ads, we completed a complete Web Tracking & Analytics implementation across the Mala website. We set up our analytics tracking to measure key behavioural indicators of purchase intent to help find the highest quality leads. We also turned Mala's entire product catalog into Data Feeds and Catalogs for dynamic remarketing on the Facebook. Google, and Pinterest ad network.

Once we ensured a high level of sophistication in our web tracking, we were able to make educated, data-informed decisions. Data cleanliness should be ensured before any ads go live. Mala the Brand is a perfect example of the benefits of clean data.

In terms of ads, Melody and Artifex had two goals. The first was to get her existing audience (anyone who had interacted with her brand in come capacity in the past, though may not have bought anything yet) to convert at a higher rate. These people had already interacted with the Mala brand in the past, though they may not have purchased a candle yet. Within the first month of ads, we increased transactions from returning visitors to the site by 31.4%, which speaks to the effectiveness of our remarketing campaigns.

The second goal was to find new leads who had never heard of the Mala brand before, and get them to convert. To do this, we used a healthy mix of flex targeting to our sub-personas on Facebook/Instagram alongside high-quality look-a-like audiences based on first-party data. On Google, we focused on search campaigns for people looking for specific features of Melody's candles, like “wood wicks.” We kept our prospecting campaigns highly specific and it led to an increase in the number of sessions with transactions for new users to the website by 77.1%.

Allure Magazine - Instagram Ad

Candle Features Carousel - Facebook Ad

In addition to the above we executed on the following:

  • Setting up & Launching Dynamic Pinterest Catalog Sales Remarketing Campaigns
  • Coordinating a multi-channel limited candle launch in partnership with instagram influencer Janice Joostema
  • Leveraging Google's brand new Discovery campaigns & other ad formats to launch Mala's brand new Scent Sampler Kit.

Scent Sampler - Pinterest Ad

The Results

First three months of advertising vs previous three months

Mala the Brand was already an astounding success from a highly-motivated entrepreneur. We were able to help Melody increase her in ads-attributed revenue by 400% within the first month.

Mala the Brand is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when paid ads are used alongside really strong organic marketing. When both paid and organic marketing are closely aligned, you can skyrocket your results.

Mala The Brand is a handcrafted candle company born from the desire to bring comfort and relaxation to the modern home - wherever and whatever that may look like.
Vancouver, BC
  • Web Analytics & Tracking Infrastructure Implementation
  • Data Feed & Product Catalog Configuration
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Google Search, Display, & Shopping Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Strategic Consulting


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