How Monstercat Launched Their New Clothing Line Using a Multi-Platform Paid Ads Strategy


Ad-Attributed Sales Revenue


Average Return on Google & Facebook Ad Spend


Increase in Paid Ads Merch Revenue

“Jhana was incredibly patient with us when setting up several campaigns for the annual block party, 'Monstercat Compound,' as well as for a merch collection drop. I am a particularly curious individual and Jhana was almost always able to provide useful insights. Overall, Jhana is a good-hearted person to work with."

— Teresa Yuh. Digital Marketing Strategist


Born out of a passion for empowering creators, Monstercat apparel is an ode to our community's history in Music, Art and Fashion. They create vibrant, unique and timeless designs that provide identity to the lifestyle we embrace.

While working at Tradable Bits, Monstercat approached us looking to launch and scale their merch offering with Facebook Ads. Their Instinct Vol. 3 line was about to launch and they wanted to boost online sales on Facebook and Instagram.


Monstercat had never run ads for their ecommerce merch before, so we were starting from scratch. They had very little prior data on Monstercat shoppers, and did not have any benchmarks. In addition to that, Tradable Bits did not normally offer ecommerce ads, so I had to spearhead our journey into ecomm without any prior strategies in place.

The Strategy

At Tradable Bits, we used the data we had available to us from the music side of Monstercat's business. Monstercat has an impressively large online community of engaged music fans and listeners. We were able to segment out groups of this user base that we thought would be interested in buying online clothing. 

We focused our efforts firstly on retargeting existing Monstercat fans who we thought we're likely to buy merch for the first time. Once we were able to use that data to understand the essential properties of a Monstercat online shopper, we were able to extrapolate outwards. 

We also used the data we had access to for look-a-like targeting on Facebook. We used Monstercat's existing dataset to create powerful customer list audiences that helped our prospecting efforts as well. We were able to effectively leverage that data to turn people who'd never been to the Monstercat site before into fans, and then buyers. 

The Results

Monstercat was able to sell out their first round of Instinct Volume 3 items within the first few weeks. This limited time clothing line was another success for the Monstercat brand.

Our Facebook and Instagram ads were able to produce an average of 2.4x ROAS, which is above average for paid ads for clothing lines. 

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