FAIR Jewelry Increases Ad-Attributed eComm Sales by 176%


Increase In eCommerce Revenue


Increase in transactions attributed to Ads


Average ROAS Across Platforms

"I can tell Artifex genuinely cares for their clients and wants the best for them."

— Jennifer Cheung - Founder


Founded in 2017, Fair Jewelry is the culmination of many years of hard work by the founder, Jennifer Cheung.

Trained in design & smithing, Jenn has created handcrafted fine, demi-fine, and ceremony jewelry that's sold across North America.

Jennifer's products are ethically sourced, conflict free, and make use of previously-recycled metals.

FAIR Jewelry hoped to use digital ads to scale their business across North America. Within the first 5.5 months of ads, we were able to increase her eCommerce revenue by 66.19%.

Google Analytics Ecomm Overview - 5.5 Months of Artifex vs Before Artifex

The Strategy

Data Cleanliness:

We rolled out a suite of tracking tools onto the FAIR website to track performance and ads attribution.

Additionally, we set up data feeds to dynamically push to the ad platforms for Google Shopping & Dynamic Remarketing ads. 

Creative Strategy:

We rolled out multiple creative strategies to tackle both sides of Jenn's business (Ceremony & Fine Jewelry).

We focused on a mix of search, shopping, carousel, video, and static ads to promote FAIR across channels. 

It was important for us to A/B test crisp product photos against more human-centric creative over time.

Example Search Ad
Example Remarketing Ad on YouTube
Example Facebook Video Ad
Example Instagram Feed Ad

Ad Strategy:

We rolled out a robust paid ad strategy across three different ad platforms. Campaign types included:

• Google Search

• Google Shopping

• Google Display

• Facebook Conversions Campaigns

• Facebook Catalog Sales

• Pinterest Conversions Campaigns

• Pinterest Catalog Sales

We segmented our campaigns based on the jewelry type. Since Ceremony jewelry is far more expensive, we wanted to bid differently based on the product price point and margins. 

The Results

The results from this paid program have been astounding. To date, we've maintained a healthy 2.45x ROAS across platforms, which is impressive due to the competitiveness of this particular niche.

Artifex has also managed to keep ROAS stable while scaling up the ad spend month-over-month. 

The jewelry niche is a difficult, highly competitive niche in the advertising world. FAIR & Artifex have been able to maintain strong levels of success to to our strong communication, the interplay between organic and paid marketing, and savvy decision making by Jennifer at the helm. 

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with FAIR and we look forward to continuing to grow this brand.  

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