Clear Health Uses Paid Ads to Test Efficacy of Virtual Dermatology Platform


Decrease in Cost per Lead


Monthly Unique Reach


Decrease in CPM

Jhana is clear and effective in his ability to communicate the results of our digital ads and the implications for our business. He's helped us test the efficacy of our virtual dermatology program and launch our eCommerce offering. We'll be leaning on him for all of our performance marketing needs

— Michael Chang. Nefaire Founder


Get Clear Health is a sister company to Nefaire Skin Food Science. Nefaire provides a full-stack approach to skincare, taking all aspects of a person's life into providing quality skincare.

Clear Health aims to provide a personalized virtual dermatology experience to people across the United States.

Michael, founder of Nefaire, approached me because he wanted to use paid ads to test whether or not a virtual health platform was something people would be interested in.

By building out a robust paid program, we were able to drop our initial benchmark of $27.83 per lead to $3.84 per lead. 


Michael was unsure if there was a viable market opportunity to provide virtual dermatology to Americans. He needed a viable way to test his business idea quickly. He turned to me to build out a paid ad program to gather leads for Clear Health.

The two of us needed to determine viable benchmarks of the cost per lead to determine whether or not this was a profitable business venture to supplement Nefaire. Additionally, we needed to determine the best ad platform to reach people interested in online dermatology.

The Strategy

Before running any ads, I completed a complete Web Tracking & Analytics implementation across the Clear Health website. We set up our analytics tracking to measure key behavioural indicators of potential interest to help find the highest quality leads and optimize our landing page. Once we ensured a high level of sophistication in our web tracking, we were able to make educated, data-informed decisions. Data cleanliness should be ensured before any ads go live. 

In terms of ads, Michael and I determined that the best channels to approach were on the Google Search network, YouTube, and Facebook/Instagram Ads. We launched ads on all platforms simultaneously and measured the performance of each platform using the KPI of cost per lead. 

Virtual Dermatology Searchers - Google Search Ad
Skip The Line - Facebook Ad

We also used complex targeting techniques such as directly targeting skin care YouTubers' videos with preroll ads. We also bid on a number of unique keyword angles for people looking for online dermatologists. 

The Results

We quickly established benchmarks for what we'd expect to pay for a lead on each platform. Over the next month, I spent my time optimizing each platform daily to steadily improve the efficiency of the paid program. With continuous optimization, our cost per lead decreased by 86% within the first month.

Michael was able to use my services to make a much more informed decision as to whether or not this was a viable business to pursue.

By building out models of customer acquisition costs per platform, I was able to help Michael determine the best way to price and deliver his virtual dermatology services.

Over the next year, we'll be looking to scale this into a fully-fledged online dermatology platform. 

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