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"Jhana has a creative and analytic personality and it shows in his approach to marketing. He's able to understand Mala's brand and use his digital advertising toolbelt to directly impact my business's KPIs.Within the first three months working with Artifex, my eCommerce store's revenue has increased by 106% and order volume by 178%!"

— Melody Lim. Mala the Brand
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• You receive a professional-level performance marketing service without having to pay for bloated agency costs.

• You work with someone who only works with a small suite of premium clients at one time.

• We will always tie your digital ad's performance to your overall business goals.

“Artifex is clear and effective in their ability to communicate the results of our digital ads and the implications for our business. They've helped us test the efficacy of our virtual dermatology program and launch our eCommerce offering. We'll be leaning on them for all of our performance marketing needs!"

— Michael Chang. Nefaire Skin Care

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